10 Signs You Might Be a Writer

Odette C. Nassar
3 min readJan 18, 2022


Writers are creative folk who usually love to read and have amazing imaginations. They have the ability to look at any scene; whether in real life, on a screen, or written on the page, and spin it with their own distinctive story magic.

Sometimes, writers are pre-writers. That is, they show all the signs of a writer, but have yet to put pen to paper or finger to keyboard.

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No matter your age, your writing ability, or even your current job, if you exhibit more than three of the following traits, you are probably a writer. And if you have even a germ of a story in you, you owe it to the world to share.

Read on to see if you show any of the signs below.

  1. In any given situation, you can come up with not just one but seventeen worst case scenarios.

2. When watching a movie or TV show, you keep coming up with better story ideas.

3. When someone is telling you a story about what really happened, you interrupt with better story tangents.

4. When explaining something to your children, they keep waiting for the plot twist.

5. When presented with a yes or no answer, you answer with the first line of your next unwritten novel. Example following.

Question: Did you pick up the dry cleaners today?

Answer: The blustery weather pushed my jacket open, sneaking gusts of cold air under my sweatshirt. I immediately regretted my decision not to wear my customary four layers, deceived by the sunshine. I hadn’t believed Alexa’s pronouncement about the forecast and that is why I ended up clutching with frozen fingers the four dress shirts, five dress pants, and two party dresses, hung on skimpy wire hangers. Alas, even now I cannot get warm.

Reply: So that’s a yes?

6. Just for fun, you come up with ideas for a Hallmark Christmas Movie — and have convinced family members that this activity is actually more entertaining than watching said movies.

7. The stories you make up in your head before you sleep are more entertaining than late night movies.

8. No matter what story you read, you are able to glean some kind of professional lesson from it in order to improve your own writing or story ideas.

9. You are reluctant to leave a negative book review because you fear karma. Therefore, you spend more creative energy finding ways to describe a book positively without actually endorsing the book.

10. You have immersed yourself in a genre and are now dissatisfied with everything new that’s out there. (You know what that means. Time to sit your butt down and start writing the story you want to read.)

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If you or someone you love exhibit three or more of the signs listed above, you, too, might be a writer. Your best method for working through this problem?

Sit down and write a story.



Odette C. Nassar

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